SkinToRoblox is a tool that converts a Minecraft skin to the format of a roblox skin which is either a shirt only skin or a full body skin. SkinToRoblox has two modes that can be used, you either use the GUI or through the console window, both options have similar functionality. You can browse and select any skin using the browse button or paste the path of the skin if using the console version. You can also set a custom directory where the converted skin will be saved, and a new filename for the converted skin.

SkinToRoblox GUI Window:

Converted minecraft skin layered upon the roblox skin template:

Texture File Browser - Extension of a pre-existing tool

As a tools developer I was tasked to extend and add new functionality to a pre-existing tool that is used by artists. This tool is a visual texture selection tool, with textures displayed in a grid, where you can select from thumbnails or textures directly, supporting the needs of artists. The Texture File Browser Window was integrated into an existing tool and kept in sync with existing dynamic lists.
Some functionality like selecting & adding multiple assets at once that was added to the texture file browser was also integrated into the pre-existing tool.