Fennec Peak is a local multiplayer battle game that features four different adventureres, some looking for wealth, some looking for fame, some looking for knowledge, they must now fight eachother to claim their glory.


This is snippet of my work that I did to the player character attacks, at first this was ability that would only work if the player character were in the air, I was working on the rework of this attack that would make possible to execute the attack both when in air but also while you were grounded. One of the problems that came up during development were that the Groundslam vfx effect that were used were out of sync. With the time that we had, my solution was to use corutines to make the effect and the attack to matchup.


This is a snippet of my environmental hazard prototype which consisted of Traps giving different effects like bleed, fire. This was eventually scraped as the game development took another route that includes explosive barrels.