Stealth/puzzle platformer in a nordic setting. Hide from monsters in the dark as you make your way through each level following the journey of a young child reliving the tales of their grandfather's old bedtime stories


The AI system that is present in Dayspring is a system that tries to be as dynamic as possible, the AI uses a Finite State Machine to determine the different states that the AI will uses which ranges from attacking the player, investigating the players last known position and investigating when a decoy is thrown to distract the enemy.
The AI features a lot of different settings that can alter how the AI behave, this was developed this way to allow the game designers to really to choose either having the Enemy staying in place in a guard state or patrolling a path.
The AI also features different ways when reacting to different scenarios, when the enemy sights the player it won't attack instantly but will look at the player. This makes the enemy feel a lot more scarier.

AI - Patrol

A small snippet on how the patrolling works, a designer can choose to have the AI patrol and wait a certain time at each waypoint or continue instantly to the next waypoint. The waypoints have their own waypoint wait time that can be set individually.

AI - Perception

The perception system works as follow, the script grabs the player's collider and puts it in a list, the script checks if the player is in the fovAngle which is visualized as green and can be seen above in the demo, it then checks if the player is standing/trying to hide or is crouching/hidden. Depending the condition the AI's detection meter starts going down, giving the player time to hide if detected.

Character teleporter

A small script that I made by requests of the 3D artists and the game designer to speed up playtesting and setdressing. The script teleport the player to a assigned location that can be set in the unity inspector.